First snowfall this year!

Sunday, November 13. The day I woke up and glanced at the window just to realize that the street today is lighter than usual. It snowed for the first time this year. The wind was howling, piling up snow in drifts. Trees, backyards, houses, lampposts were covered in a thick blanket of white. After I had breakfast I put on my boots and a pair of gloves to keep me warm, took my camera and went on a walk. It was cold, even with my sweater and coat on, but that didn’t matter. The wind was blowing as the snow fell like confetti on my hat. The branches were hanging low with the weight of the snow. It was so beautiful that no poet could describe it.

Long walks on this kind of days, when your breath rises in visible puffs and the frosted air stings your eyes, are the best kind of walks. As I already said, I went outside to enjoy the new fallen snow and honestly that made my day. I took off my gloves and tried to make a perfectly shaped snowball just to throw it in the distance, as we all used to do when we were kids. I looked at the sky  waiting for snowflakes to touch my pale skin. Then, I stuck out my tongue to feel them falling on it just to remember, once again, the taste of them. After that I took my puppy out to see if she enjoys winter as much as I do, and yes, she does. She was jumping around, licking and rolling in it, probably thinking “What is this? I love it!”. She can always bring a smile on my face.

Couple of minutes later I went inside, made myself a cup of tea and put on some Christmas music. All these made me remember sleighing, building a snowman, the never ending snow fights with friends, decorating for Christmas, the smell of oranges and many more. Nostalgia. It hit me. Time goes by so fast. And it never comes back.

2016-11-13-10_fotorsdfa2016-11-13-10_fotor2016-11-13-03_fotorasfProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetdscn0293_fotor

15 thoughts on “First snowfall this year!

  1. What a lovely story (and the cutest puppy)! I went through a phase where I hated snow, it had lost it’s luster and magic. But we had snow in Translyvania a few weeks ago and it was just breathtaking. There’s just something about it that makes me so happy, once again!!

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  2. These photos are breathtakingly beautiful and what I hope our first snowfall looks like. We recently moved from FL to NJ, so this winter will be first chance my kids get to see snow.


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