Nature inside me

„I am a child of the Moon being raised by the Sun in a world walked by stars and a sky drawn with flowers.”

(Zara Ventris)

I am a child of nature. I soak  her in like a drug, I bask in the greenness of Spring, the warmth of a summer day, the radiant shades of autumn and the coldness of winter. Under thousands and thousands of galaxies, in the middle of a forest with trees stretching into the sky, in a green field laid on my back watching clouds floating away. That’s where I feel home. That’s where I can be myself.

Nature is the best way for me to feel anything. I’m very afraid to feel, especially if it’s a sad feeling, I don’t want to think about anything that makes me sad. The past, I don’t want to think about it, but bad experiences can be good lessons. It’s kind of like falling at peace with what happened. And the memories… I just accept them. And move on.

 I don’t have to cover up my wounds and hide them. I can be just as fragile as a falling leaf because nature does not care I am sentient. As I let nature sink into me I am healed, I am no longer heaving through corrupted lungs and my thoughts are finally silent. Nature was and will always be my therapy , for deep within the trees that reach for the sun I am home.

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