Spring Is in the Air!

Spring is finally here and as much as I love winter I’m glad it’s over! It’s finally warm enough to wear T-shirts! The wind lost its bite, it’s still blowing branches, but no longer stealing the warmth. Birds sing since the sun rises to the last moments of the sunset and during the night. One thing I love doing is sitting on the front porch in the evening, enjoying a cup of tea (Yes, I know I drink like 3 cups of tea every day, don’t judge me!) reading or just watching the sun fading while the birds are chirping. The best part of these kind of evenings is the smell. The trees are blooming and, let me tell you, the smell they’re spreading through the air is better & sweeter than any kind of perfume you’ll ever smell!

Walks. I love walks. I usually plug my earphones and start walking without a certain destination, but not this time. Since the weather was so nice I decided to pack my bag (a notebook, water, an apple and my camera) and  go for a walk in the forest. All I can say that it was very refreshing and I really enjoyed it. For me Spring is all about the smells, sounds, blue skies and the warmth in the sun’s rays.

As you’ve probably seen already, I love taking photographs. So, for me Spring is about colors too! Here are some photographs I took these last couple of days, in the woods and in the backyard. I hope you’re all having a lovely Spring!

2017-03-21_02_Fotor2017-03-29_06_Fotor2017-03-29 06_Fotor2017-04-02 04_Fotoras2017-04-07_03.23.54_1[2]2017-03-30 02_FotorProcessed with VSCO with a5 preset2017-04-11_04_Fotor.jpg2017-04-02 04_Fotor

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