1 Year of Blogging!

September 9th, 2017 marked my first year of blogging and I cannot express my thankfulness for your support and appreciation. I have learned a lot throughout this year and, just for the record, I have engaged with thousands of you from over 50 countries! Honestly, I would’ve never thought I’ll make it this far. Thank you! As I previously mentioned on Instagram,  I was planning on doing a anniversary post with a Q&A session, so here it is

1. What made you get into blogging?

I always had a passion for writing and taking photographs and I thought I could combine these two and make something nice out of it.

2. When do you write best?

I mostly write when I’m alone. If somebody’s home I usually go down by the river or find a quiet place where I can be with my thoughts.

3. If money didn’t matter, what would you do?

Travel, of course.

4. What do you think about pessimism?

It’s okay to be a little bit pessimist. Optimism never changes anything, if you always see the good side you’ll ignore the bad one and do nothing about it. Also, being an optimist all the time makes life more difficult in general, so a little bit of pessimism is welcome. I’m not talking about the depressed or gloomy kind of pessimism, but I’d rather plan for the worst and be surprised than expect the best and be disappointed.

5. What’s the thing you love most in this world?

As cheesy as it sounds, I love love.

6. What do you think people should always keep in mind?

It will get better. Trust me. Just be patient.

7. I know you’re always playing music while writing. What song are you listening to right now?

8. What do you think about people leaving this country?

I don’t necessarily have an opinion about it, but if you think you’d have a better future and more opportunities somewhere else, why not?

9. How do you edit your photos? You’re really good at it.

Thank you! It might be a bit embarrassing, but I don’t have a clue how Photoshop works, I only use PhotoScape for contrasts and brightness and so on. Not much editing going on.

10. How would you describe your summer in few words?

I had a really nice summer and loved every bit of it. Honestly, I think it was the best summer ever, I cannot remember the last time I felt this good mentally.

11.  Do you have regrets?

I don’t.

12. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Somewhere travelling, enjoying life while I can.

13. What is the most difficult part of blogging?

The hardest part for me was getting started. I had ideas and some level of ability, but instead I was waiting and always finding all kind of excuses, but in reality I was scared to start.

14. Have you ever met a fan?

That sounds…weird. I haven’t had anyone come up to me and say “Hi, I like your blog”, but there were few people who mailed me about sending a package because they like what I do. I guess that counts.

15. I think you’re a really nice person, how did you manage to not change when there is so much pressure from the outside?

Thank you! All I did was be true to myself. Of course, that got brought problems, because people are rude and if you’re not like them they’ll bully you for it, but in the end it all turned out to be okay. Just be yourself, regardless of the circumstances.

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