Autumn walk…

After I finished classes at the university I’ve decided that my brain needs to breathe, so I went for a walk alone. After few minutes walking I’ve come to the realization that it’s a painfully beautiful autumn and everything seems to happen too quickly: the days fall by just as fast as the leaves from the trees, and sunsets and sunrises seem to be in a rush to reach the winter. As I was slowly walking caramel and golden leaves pirouetted down a spiral of breeze, whilst other ones crunched beneath my feet.

Lately the mornings are dim, foggy and cold, every now and then the icy wind is  blowing through the skeletal trees making me think about the warmth of a hug and how much I want a cup of coffee to keep my hands warm as the smell of rotting leaves fills me with melancholy. The sun has lost it’s intensity, it’s mostly cloudy and rain’s in the forecast.

It’s autumn.

Another painful autumn.

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