Q&A || Christmas edition

I wanted to make a festive blog post and yesterday I asked you to send me some questions, so here we go, some questions themed around Christmas.

1. What is your all time favorite Christmas advert?

Definitely this one!

2. What’s your color theme for your Christmas tree this year?

Grey, definitely grey.

3. Do you like snow?

I do, usually the first snowfall puts me in a good mood and I feel giddy all day, but this year when it snowed for the first time I felt… nothing.

4. Do you like giving or receiving presents more?

You might think that I’m saying it to seem nice, but I actually love giving presents. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy in my chest and it’s a really nice feeling.

5. What are the things that make Christmas for you?

Fairy lights, Christmas music playing in the store, wrapping presents, Christmas scented candles, etc.

6. How are you spending Christmas this year?

Well, I moved out alone 3 months ago, which means that Christmas will be different this year. My best friend will come over and then we’ll spend some time at my parents. All in all, it will include lots of eating, ice skating and watching movies.

7. Would you have a red nose that glows like Rudolf’s or have pointy ears like an elf?

Pointy ears, definitely. Elves are cute.

8. Or you good or bad at wrapping presents?

I’m actually good at it.

9. What is one thing you asked for this Christmas?

Nothing, actually, I just want to have a nice time and get some rest.

10. What is your Christmas morning routine?

I don’t have one, I wake up and do whatever I do usually.

11. What’s your favorite Christmas song?

For an unknown reason this version of the song stuck with me since childhood.

12. White lights or colored lights?

Colored lights, of course.

13. Do you make New Year’s resolutions?

I do, but never stick to them.

14. What’s your favorite Christmas drink?

Hot chocolate for the win!

15. Worst Christmas present ever received?

A used stuffed toy and expired chocolate.


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