Sand, Sun & the Black Sea

This year we saw the sea for the first time and just let me tell you that it was one of the loveliest holidays I’ve ever been on. Everything was so beautiful and refreshing: the warmth of the sun, the gentle breeze playing across my skin, walking barefoot in the sand and dipping my toes into it, and the water lapping against my feet. Everything.

We were there for 7 days, which were filled with sunbathing, walks, laughter and … eating, of course. Now there were challenges as well: we went by a train that had a 2 and half hour delay. We left from Timișoara at 4:30 and arrived in Costinești around 12 the next day, which meant 18 hours in a train. That sucked, especially because there were kids and snoring people. We finally got there, but the streets and the beach was so busy that we ended up leaving and spending the next few days in Vama Veche, another village on the Black Sea coast, filled with nice people.

On our last day, before taking the train back home, we visited the dolphinarium and the planetarium in Constanța. We also had the opportunity to see some funny and cute sea lions.

Despite some small issues, it was a nice experience that I can’t define in words (hopefully the photos down below will help you understand my excitement). Now I finally understand all those quotes about the sea being filled with sadness and anger, about seagulls, waves and the evening skies.


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