Timișoara Medieval Festival

Last week I attended the first edition of the Medieval Festival of Huniade Castle held in Timișoara which, despite the misconception that medieval festivals are only for history buffs, I really enjoyed!

Arriving to the festival felt like stepping back in time: the air was full of the smell of wood burning on open fires near the tents and everyone was wearing Medieval dresses and armors.



During the festival warriors from three countries took part in sword trainings, combat competitions and in the re-enactment of the battle that took place at Vadul Nisipurilor (934), an event that shaped the history of Banat (a region in Romania).


Moreover, there was a medieval cuisine competition that I really enjoyed. The meals mainly consisted of cabbage, beans and beef. Even a dessert made of 3 types of carrots, nuts and honey was prepared and later served at a banquet.


Numerous historical re-enactment groups, such as Hrafnabroethr, Compania Dragonului, Compania Ursului Brun, Deus Vult, Beli Orlovi, ȘoimanArt, Kmeňový zväz Borivoj, Haunting Group ”St. Hubert”, and artistic groups including Irdorath, Peregrinii, Deep6 Project și Pastiche attended the festival.

All in all it was a beautiful and unique experience that made me believe that everyone would , even though unfortunately I couldn’t attend some performances. I believe now that everyone should attend a Medieval Festival at least once in their lives to see how our ancestors lived, fought and died.


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