Puppy Update: Martha

In 2016 on a Saturday in October I adopted Martha. Back then she had a childlike face, hedgehog paws and shiny fur. Out of excitement and because I wanted people to see my puppy I wrote a blog post about her. Just as I did with my other adopted puppy, Herra, I decided to update her story.

Martha, in equivalent human years based on her stage of development, is probably 30-32 years old now. Regardless, she still is the friendly, affectionate dog she always was, a picture of good health whose wagging tail moves faster than a nail gun. She has been my companion in quiet moments, keeping me calm and safe during the storms I have encountered throughout these four years. I must admit that now we have an understanding that wasn’t there at first. When she was little and I was feeling a bit under the weather she constantly tried to cheer me up, but as the months passed she gave up running around in circles trying to amuse me. Now she curls up in my lap and looks at me with her beautiful brown yes in such a manner that I am 100% sure she understands my emotions. I feel as if her eyes could speak they would probably say that everything will be fine.

Martha and Herra are flourishing together, they rarely quarrel and most of the time they sleep together with the wants of companionship and warmth in mind. However, Martha, as I’ve observed, is camera shy, while Herra loves being in the spotlight, which is why she spoils most of the photos I take of Martha. Their wagging tails and excitement when I come home to them is one of the nicest feelings and for that I am very grateful.

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