The Joyous Days of Harvest

It is my favourite time of the year again – Harvest Season! September is here and the joyous days of harvest have begun. Vegetables and gifts of the Earth are picked for the winter months and, thanks to the rich soil, rain, good seeds and sunshine, we have more than enough of everything.

Everything already feels and looks different; some of the trees in the garden are already clothed in crimson colours and the vegetables and fruits are regularly finding their way to the kitchen table. I am finding home-grown veggies full of flavour, starting from the green cabbage that softens and takes on a sweet taste once cooked to the savoury and crunchy bell pepper. The peaches, plums and pears are also rich in flavour and their scent is just divine. There have been some “casualties”, as usually, because of the scorching hot weather in August and the lack of rain. High temperatures have caused premature yellowing, softening and wilting, but we are not complaining because the harvest is plentiful.

In order to preserve an abundant harvest of fruits, we made jam with apples, blackberries and raspberries. In order to perverse veggies, as every other year, the cabbage and cucumbers were pickled. As of tomatoes, they have been transformed into delicious tomato sauce. We gathered our blessings and we are somewhat ready for winter.

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