Reminiscing About Skiathos

I’ve been to Greece once and I fell in love. The trip was focused around Paralia Katerini, Meteora and, the most popular of the Greek islands, Skiathos, of which I found myself reminiscing about lately. The small island in the Sporades Archipelago is blessed with exquisite beaches, gentle lapping waves and breathtaking natural landscapes which make it nature lover’s paradise! One of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen was in Skiathos, more precisely, the horseshoe shaped beach at Koukounaries of which I will post another time.

It is, however, Skiathos Town that I have fallen in love with. The incredibly picturesque town is pedestrianized, making it perfect for lovely atmospheric stroll. It also has a classy and sophisticated harbour area full of cruisers and yachts. The abundance of contrasting colours, whitewashed houses with blue fences and windows and red roofs, the blue of the sea and the sky and plants climbing the walls literally took my breath away.

 Not only have I fallen in love with the island but with Greece’s people as well. They have a strong sense of family which makes them the most hospitable, kind and peaceful people I have ever met. When it comes to food, they not only feed you like you’ve never had food in your life, but cook with such a passion that you cannot not enjoy their dishes (which are amazing). Many a happy hour was spent walking, eating, enjoying the views and daydreaming. I cannot wait for this pandemic to end so I can return!

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