SECRET SANTA #5 | Pandemic Edition

This might not be the blog post you have been waiting for. I have been invited by Romanian book bloggers Onisim and Alexandra (you can find her on Instagram as well) to take part, along with other bookworms, in the Secret Santa gift exchange, but with a small twist. Although this Christmas tradition normally takes part during the month of December, we cannot forget that “normal” doesn’t define the lives we are currently living under the domination of the pandemic. Instead of doing things the “traditional” way, we (safely) exchanged gifts in February. Regardless of the circumstances, I am beyond grateful for the experience!

As you probably know, Secret Santa implies a group of people (in this particular situation, book enthusiasts) drawing random names to become someone’s Secret Santa. This year I have been randomly assigned to give a gift to Onisim, who, in turn, was randomly assigned to give me a – what were the odds of that happening! I have been pleasantly surprised by every little item I have been gifted, starting from the handmade bookmark to the wool socks.

Inside the box there was a handwritten letter, laid on top of a blanket. As you might have known, I love cozying up under a blanket and reading. According to scientists, blankets not only keep us warm, but stimulate the release of dopamine and serotonin, two neurotransmitters that tend to make us feel more relaxed. Besides the heartfelt letter, every item had a small note attached to it, a quote that can only make one smile.

Whenever I want to decorate my room with colour and fragrance I use candles because I find them very useful for stress reduction. Hence why I am really happy for these two candles, one autumn scented and one pear scented! Alongside the candles there was a handcrafted bookmark and a pair of wool socks similar to those my grandma gifted me last Christmas. You can only guess how excited I was to try them on.

As you might have already seen in the photos, there was a beautifully wrapped book as well that I am really excited to read, especially because it conveys themes that will certainly make me nostalgic. And yes, I have received homemade chocolate – and it was delicious!

These being said and the unboxing being done, I am very thankful for each and every gift, they have made this pandemic a little more bearable and the whole Secret Santa tradition more fun and unique!

4 thoughts on “SECRET SANTA #5 | Pandemic Edition

  1. What a beautiful post, and oh myy, your pictures are simply amazing! I love the tones, the perspectives! I am amazed. It was so cool to know that this year we had 4 persons who gave presents reciprocal! I loved this!

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