ode to nature

i talk to you when i feel lost in chaos
because you introduced me
to the colours of the sunset,
the taste of freshly picked berries,
and the magnificent smell of
the soil right after it rains;
i talk to you when i feel meaningless
because you make me think
of myself as the child of the wind,
the brother of birds and the lover of seas,
because you make me feel valued and valid;
i talk to you when i feel ungrateful
because you have your beautiful ways
of making me realise how many
things i should be grateful for;
i seek you when i feel ugly,
because i can confide only in you,
in the trees, the wind, the lovely bees,
in the night for it allows me
to send my voice through it
to the stars and the moon;
i talk to you when i can’t find joy
because you remind me of the
many things mankind has made
that i don’t need to be cheerful;
i talk to you when i am happy because
i know you would never do anything
to take my happiness away…
i need you, every atom
of my body needs you
until my bones break
and my lungs collaps,
and i return to
the soil.

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