Lake Surduc – A Day Trip

One of the goals I set for 2022 is to visit the surrounding areas and go on day trips as often as possible. Hence, the past couple of weekends we’ve been visiting touristic attractions not so far away from home. Lake Surduc is located within the village of Fârdea, in Timiș County, and it’s primary purpose is to supply the area surrounding it with drinking water – but not only, as it also serves as a defence mechanism for floods.

Providing a variety of leisure activities – starting from fishing to paddle boats you can rent -, Lake Surduc is the ideal place you will want to visit during the weekend as it also offers a breath of fresh air. Being almost entirely surrounded by forests, nature lovers can easily and freely enjoy their time in the company of frogs croaking and birds chirping. Consequently, we have absolutely loved spending a couple of hours here, especially considering the weather, which I believe was ideal for spending a day by the lake side.

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