Seashore, Shivering & Seagulls

I should start this travel entry with the conclusions: going to the beach in June wasn’t the best idea, but we made the most of it. One of my resolutions for this year – I seem to have quite a few of those, if I’m frank – is to travel more, especially considering how unlikely doing that was during the two years in which COVID took over the world (and still does, but not to that degree). This year’s “traveling season” started for us in June, when we hopped on the train and went to the beach, in 2 Mai (see the map at the bottom of the page).

The sea was just as welcoming as always, although on the first day it was quite agitated and waves were nervously crashing on the shore while washing away the pebbles the previous tide has brought. Going to the seaside in June – at least in Romania – probably wasn’t the best idea for some obvious reasons: those being, the weather and the sea water temperature. Although the sea is not that warm (in comparison to some parts of Greece), I wasn’t expecting it to be that cold. Regardless, after shivering and quivering and whining about how we won’t be able to jump in the sea for we will freeze to death,  I had a moment of bravery and decided to break the ice – almost literally. While at first it felt like I’ll end up suffering from frost-bite, it turned out to be just fine as after a couple of splashes my body got used to the water and, in fact, it was quite refreshing. On the other hand, the weather wasn’t of much help either: while it didn’t rain, it was quite cloudy and the wind was blowing on and on, which naturally led to lower than usual temperatures.

If you’ve been following me over the years, you might know that I love finding something positive in everything. Conclusively, while the weather was a little disheartening, I found joy in reading on a beach chair. In those couple of days I read Stacey Halls’ Mrs England, which is the ideal, fast-paced, easy-going and intriguing book to be read by the seaside. Hence, although having to cover myself with a towel and even wearing a hoodie when the sun decided to hide behind murky clouds, I did enjoy the holiday. I also spent  a fair amount of time splashing in the water, so that was lovely too. I needn’t mention the food, as it was just as tasty as ever; however, I couldn’t help noticing that prices nearly doubled since last year when we ate at the same restaurant. Regardless, seeing another side of the same sea was a fine experience. Without further ado, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

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