Lunar landscapes in Vlychada

Vlychada beach is one of Santorini’s black sand beaches, and while that’s striking itself, what I found to be spectacular were the bright rocks with unusual and asymmetrical shapes overlooking the Aegean sea. Over the years the wind, the waves and the rain as well have carved a series of rocks that feel otherworldly and certainly make for a lunar landscape that’s rather difficult to capture with a camera, let alone put into words. The landscape is of extraordinary beauty, with volcanic cliffs overlooking the beach while basking under the sun throughout the day.

The beach is around 13 kilometres from Fira and can be easily accessed by car or bus; however, it’s not popular, which makes it ideal for those looking for secluded, less crowded and quiet beaches. Naturally, you can swim and, if you have swimming goggles, you can spot fish and black rocks in the water, but even if you don’t have the necessary equipment, the water is clear enough to see your feet. There are quite a few umbrellas and a couple of restaurants where you can find traditional dishes as well as drinks. We ate at Dimitris Taverna, but the food wasn’t the best; however, the view was charming as the taverna is overlooking the port in Vlychada.

The contrast between blue water shimmering when kissed by the sun, the black, volcanic sand and the brightly coloured cliffs only contribute to the strangeness of the landscape. It truly feels unearthly, as if some great master used his tired hands for the last time only to carve a unique sculpture as a blessing for the human eye. Vlychada is without a doubt a wonder one must witness once in a lifetime.

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