Spending New Year’s Eve in a cozy cottage

We spent a couple of days at this lovely cottage, including New Year’s Eve, and it was everything we could’ve asked for. Most accommodations we stayed at were outstanding; however, almost none of them can surpass this one, and that for a multitude of reasons. The geographical positioning of the cottage is ideal for those looking for quite evenings and mornings filled with the chirp of birds in the trees by the riverside. As it is situated across a fast-flowing river and in the vicinity of a forest, a specific type of silence holds dominion over the entire scenery.

During our stay, we felt the coziest we’ve felt in a long time, especially as the heating is through wood burning in terracotta stoves. There is a particular sensation one can only experience when in the countryside, feeding the fire while watching the sunset slowly fading away and darkness seizing the lands, and this particular sensation we have felt here. This warm feeling was also conveyed by the light that shone through old, wooden windows, which also contributed to the homey feeling of the house. Composed of two bedrooms and a kitchen, it is, as mentioned in the specifications section, fully equipped with everything one might need for a comfortable stay. Additionally, there is a backyard as well, with an outdoor dining area that we used (it used to snow years ago, but because of climate change, we ate outside, with a sun as hot as on a fine April day). What we also loved was the traditional designed – starting with the furniture, to the small, carefully positioned decorations and even to the plates.

Conclusively, it certainly is one of our favourite accommodations in Romania, not only for its homey feeling and the cozy atmosphere it conveys, but for the hosts as well, who were just the kindest people. We chose to have dinner and launch prepared by the host, and everything was absolutely delicious, from the appetizer to the desert. The kindness and respect they treated us with was well appreciated. We would love going back sometime in the near future, especially during springtime as the house is overlooked by locust trees that, when blooming, have a lovely fragrance. Find the accommodation on Airbnb or on Booking.

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