Why the Water Is Sweet where the River Meets the Sea by Enrique Posner | Book Review

Why the Water Is Sweet where the River Meets the Sea by Enrique Posner is a poignant, astonishingly outlined story revolving around a young girl and her friend, River. Exploring the complexities of growing up through what some might define as an odd relationship – that between a human and a body of water – this coming-of-age story also approaches rather delicate subjects, such as the passage of time, reflected both through the eyes of a youngling and the ever-flowing River, and the importance of nature in the process of growing up.

The story follows Andie, on her last day as a child, as she starts her journey into adulthood. I haven’t the faintest idea if it’s a coincidence or not, but the action takes place on a Sunday, which in most cultures represents the end of the week – the week, in this case, being her childhood. If anything, the entire book is sprinkled with what I categorized as metaphors or hidden meanings one can interpret based on their previous experiences and, most importantly, through the eye of their inner child. What I found to be most significant is how Andie and River’s relationship is depicted and how it is representative, on a micro scale, of our relationship with nature and nature’s constant availability. Obviously this wouldn’t be possible without the fine, simplistic but meaningful writing style the author chose to approach.

Even more so, this thought-provoking and delightful story encapsulates change in its pure form while also reminds the reader that it can certainly be bittersweet but, at the same time, it can lead to bigger, more beautiful things. The story is accompanied by vibrant illustrations that are products of AI, which I find quite intriguing as I haven’t seen this approach yet. Conclusively, Enrique Posner, who sent me a copy of his book in exchange for a review, for which I am thankful, succeeded at writing a story that will appeal to its targeted audience, although I’d argue it’s solely a children’s book. I can definitely recommend it to anyone who’d like a meaningful, touching and provoking story. You can find it on Amazon and on Goodreads.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Title: Why the Water Is Sweet where the River Meets the Sea
Author: Enrique Posner
Publication Date: 2022
Publisher: Goodies, LLC
Format: PDF|107 pages

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