The Greenwood Poet by Lancelot Schaubert | Book Review

Lancelot Schaubert’s The Greenwood Poet is a poetry collection exploring a plethora of themes, from the uniqueness and complexity of nature, love, and the human experience to divinity, history and even loss. Although varied in terms of subject matter and tone, the poems are, at least to a certain degree, united by a sense of appreciation as well as wonder for the natural world and everything the human condition comprises. While most of them can feel deeply personal, they are certainly universal when it comes to the themes approached and the messages he manages to convey through each of them.

The poetry collection is without a doubt gripping and thought-provoking and can only delight those who have a special liking for nature or simply appreciate the power of language. Throughout the collection, the writing is quite accessible and profound while there’s a slight touch of elegancy shining through each poem. Rich with sensory details and numerous elements creating a vivid imagery, Schaubert’s use of language offers the reader an immersive experience that often entitles references to classic authors, biblical and mythological characters. My favourite poems from the collection include Daffodil Farm, Dusting Greenwood Chapel’s Marble and A hall of trees and they are certainly indicative of Schaubert’s mastery. Another aspect that stood out was the natural and unforced usage of metaphors and elements specific to symbolism.

The Greenwood Poet is an astonishing poetry collection in which Lancelot Schaubert successfully managed to comprise, through his skillful use of language, the general experience of humans, both from the past and the present. If anything, at points it even felt as a reminder of our shared humanity and the need to reconnect with nature. It certainly is a collection many will enjoy but especially those who have an affinity for the complexities emotions imply as well as for nature. Many thanks to the author for sending me a copy of the book in exchange for a review!

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Title: The Greenwood Poet
Author: Lancelot Schaubert
Publication Date: 2022
Publisher:  –
Format: Kindle|98 pages

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