That time of the year again! Everything smells just lovely and the sun stepping forth seems to be wrapping us with her radiant and warm rays. As a child of nature I love all seasons and, although summer is the least favourite of them, I cannot deny its wonders: floral blooms, the earth slowly warming … Continue reading SUMMER DAYS IN THE COUNTRYSIDE

Finding Happiness in the Little Things | Pandemic Edition

Two weeks ago it snowed for the first time where I live, which was a bit surprising but definitely something we all needed. As climate change has already shifted the snowfall patterns around the country, it rarely snows here, but when it does people suddenly turn into little children and toddlers' laughter fills the air. … Continue reading Finding Happiness in the Little Things | Pandemic Edition

End of the Year Q&A

I have asked you on Instagram some time ago to send in any questions and curiosities you may have because I haven’t done a Q&A in quite a while now. While I answered some of the questions there, I kept those more serious and requiring a longer answer for this blog post. As most of … Continue reading End of the Year Q&A

I Made a New Friend

In the past couple of weeks I’ve been seeing a small bird I have never seen in my entire life, which naturally got me super excited. After signing up in a Facebook group I found out that this little one is a Phoenicurus ochruros, commonly known as Tithy’s redstart, blackstart and black redtail. They live … Continue reading I Made a New Friend

The Joyous Days of Harvest

It is my favourite time of the year again – Harvest Season! September is here and the joyous days of harvest have begun. Vegetables and gifts of the Earth are picked for the winter months and, thanks to the rich soil, rain, good seeds and sunshine, we have more than enough of everything. Everything already … Continue reading The Joyous Days of Harvest