Murdering mother nature | A poem

the air is whiffing with flowers,the gusts of wind shakethe trees blooming for the skiesand showering gardens inpink and white and yellow petals,starlings and warblesand robins are singing too,and bees awaken to sacrifice themselvesfor the nectar blessing our tongues.there is rebirth, rejoice,renewal, resurrection amidst the havoc.we are slowly but surelymurdering Mother Nature,yet here she is, … Continue reading Murdering mother nature | A poem

In the same breath | A poem

i think of autumn and painin the same breath,but the pain isn't unbearablebut rather slowly fading awayas leaves turn brownand clouds fill the sky;i think of autumn and nostalgiain the same breathbut nostalgia isn't cold anymorebut it rather makes me smilefor all the things i've had and have,for all the moments i've that summer … Continue reading In the same breath | A poem