love yourself, Galatea

My inspiration for this poem was the Pygmalion myth. Simply put, the myth revolves around a sculptor who carves an ivory statue that is the representation of his ideal of womanhood and falls in love with her. Consequently, his prayers of Galatea becoming a real woman are heard and answered and the goddess Venus brings the ivory statue to life. Essentially, the myth has a happy ending, with them marrying and having a child; however, it only has a happy ending if you are willing to look beyond certain aspects – that being, misogyny, stereotyping and false images of womanhood

murdering mother nature

the air is whiffing with flowers,the gusts of wind shakethe trees blooming for the skiesand showering gardens inpink and white and yellow petals,starlings and warblesand robins are singing too,and bees awaken to sacrifice themselvesfor the nectar blessing our tongues.there is rebirth, rejoice,renewal, resurrection amidst the havoc.we are slowly but surelymurdering Mother Nature,yet here she is, … Continue reading murdering mother nature