Reminiscing About Skiathos

I’ve been to Greece once and I fell in love. The trip was focused around Paralia Katerini, Meteora and, the most popular of the Greek islands, Skiathos, of which I found myself reminiscing about lately. The small island in the Sporades Archipelago is blessed with exquisite beaches, gentle lapping waves and breathtaking natural landscapes which … Continue reading Reminiscing About Skiathos

Returning to Brașov 5 Years Later

In 2015 I visited Brașov for the first time with some classmates with whom I was involved with in an entrepreneurial project. As we had certain tasks to complete I felt I didn’t have enough time to properly discover the city, even so I fell in love with it. Few weeks ago and 5 years … Continue reading Returning to Brașov 5 Years Later